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I'm going to be installing and setting up a firewall in response to the massive amount of hacking attempts that are escalating as of late.  This should help both with keeping the hackers out, as well as cut down on the amount of spam Squidge users receive.

It will be important to let me know if there are any issues with access (web, mail, IRC, etc).

I will implement the firewall about 3pm Pacific time today, 8/29/14.  You can contact me here, or my off-squidge email: squidgeadmin@icloud.com
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So occasionally we get someone who comes to us and asks that they have their stories removed from the Internet one one of the Archives that I host on Squidge.org - and I've always complied.  But recently I found something intriguing on AO3 and wanted to try and replicate it.
Basically, if you want to abandon your stories and remove all traces of your identity from them on AO3, there's something called "Orphan Account".  What that does is take all of your stories and strip them of your identifying information, and attribute them to a generic account called "Orphan Account".  That way your stories stay available for people to read, but yet they are detached from your identify.  Your account can be deleted, but your stories stay.
What do people think?  Good idea?  Bad?  Thoughts?
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Taking the webserver offline for about an hour starting at 11am Pacific to do some major upgrades.  More news as it happens!
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In order to make visitor access more secure and private, I'm trying to implement SSL access for all visitors to squidge.org. As I've been implementing, you may have seen a bungle here or there with pages not loading, but I believe most access to a squidge.org URL, should be encrypted now. Please let me know if you experience any issues, or any false page loads, please let me know. Thanks!
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As you may have noticed, there have been intermittent connectivity issues with Squidge.org.  The problem is on our end, but it's due to Microsoft.  While we don't use any Microsoft software on Squidge.org, Microsoft's BING search engine has been hitting multiple properties (domains) on Squidge.org, simultaneously, and sometimes requesting hundreds of pages within a matter of just a couple seconds.  This has led to the server being overtaxed, and the database server becoming maxed out on the number of queries it can take at one moment.

I've put some changes in place that should help alleviate the issue and stop Microsoft from hammering us quite so much, but those fixes can take up to 24 hours to propagate - so we may see slowness and have hard times loading pages for the next day or so.  Hopefully it will be resolved by this latest fix.

Let me know if you have questions! 


Jan. 11th, 2014 10:39 am
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We're having storms here in the Pacific Northwest, and lost all power & connectivity at 5:30am.  The power just came back on now at 10:35am; everything should be restored.    
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Need to perform some database maintenance, so all websites will be down for 30 minutes.  Let me know if you have questions.

All work has been completed; total downtime 45 minutes. Thank you!
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Signal boost please! Does anyone know or have contact information for the previous owners of VolaSlash.com? This is an old archive on the 'net, and the owner (named Piper Masterson) did not leave correct contact information - the phone, address, and email address are all invalid. We've been asked to try and take over the archive, but I'm not sure if there's any way to do this.

If you've had any contact with anyone about VolaSlash.com, please contact me. Thanks!
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I'm taking the database down at 3pm Pacific time today, Wednesday January 6th, 2013.  That means all websites will be down during the switchover.  We should be back up by 4pm Pacific.  

UPDATE 3:32PM: The maintenance went well, so we're back up!  Hopefully there'll even be some performance improvements come out of it!
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It appears that we're in the middle of a power or network outage, so all services are down right now.  FYI.

EDIT 15:55 PST: It's a FiOS outage, which means the fiber optic network is down.  We have no connection to the outside world at the moment.  Hopefully they'll have it resolved soon.
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I need to perform some maintenance for the server.  In order to do this, at 12Noon Pacific time today, I'll be taking the website down for approximately 30 minutes.  Just the website will be down; IRC, email, and other services will stay up.
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I've been running Squidge.ORG for free for over 18 years, and have never asked for any money in return.  However, I'm doing this just one time.

NCISFiction.com has been a part of Squidge.ORG for years now.  Recently, the domain name itself expired because the website owner didn't re-register it in time (indeed, they've been very busy).  I tried to buy it, but it went to GoDaddy Auctions instead.  In order to keep it, I had to bid on the auction.  I was the winning bid (though they don't release it to me for another 6 days or so), but it was much higher than I expected.

That was $426 I wasn't expecting to have to shell out, especially before Christmas.

So for the first time ever, I'm asking for donations from all of Squidge.ORG's fen friends.  I'd love to be able to crowd-raise the money for this domain.  Is this even possible?  Do people care about Squidge.ORG enough to help raise this?

If so, then please click on the donation button below.  No, we're not a NonProfit yet, so these aren't tax deductible.  If you can donate, thank you.  If you can't, I still thank you.  And either way, I'd like it if we could signal boost this.

EDIT: This has only been out a couple of hours, and we're already 61% there!  You folks are AMAZING!  

EDIT 2: 30 minutes later, and we're at 81%.  Wow...

EDIT 3: 3 hours 6 minutes after I put up the initial post, and we're at 91%.  Thank you!!!  

EDIT 4:  Everyone - In just a little over 4 hours, you've managed to put us at 94% or $400 raised, just $26 short of the goal.  Thank you so much for doing this!  At this point, if you'd like to contribute a couple of bucks, that's fine - but we're basically at our goal, so I'm not going to ask for any more donations.

Each and every one of you are incredible, and I'm extremely lucky to be in the company of such awesome friends.  Thank  you!
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Please note that a few days ago, the NCISFiction.com domain expired.  This isn't a domain I control, and I can't get ahold of the user at the moment, so for the meantime I registered NCISFiction.net and pointed it to their webspace.

If you're a fan of the NCISFiction.com site, please use http://www.NCISFiction.net for now.  Thanks!
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There'll be a short downtime interrupting all services on Squidge.ORG today at about 12Noon Pacific time.  Thanks!
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Woke up to a dead server this morning.  Not sure what's going on; I'm attempting to revive it, but it's taking a while.  It's a good thing we have our replacement server here, though it's not 100% ready to go yet.  Wish me luck!

EDIT #1 - 11:18 PST: We can't get the old server up, and the new server is still missing a couple of pieces of hardware.  I'm moving an interim server into place, but there're a lot of configuration changes that I'm needing to make.  Backups are in place and are being extracted so that we have the absolute latest information loaded. 

EDIT #2 - 14:26 PST: Most websites are back up, with the exception of WWOMBTube and the main index page.  Those will come online soon.  Mail, including Sympa - our mailing list manager - is down, but we're working on restoring that now.  IRC down for the time being.

EDIT #3 - 17:11 PST: Sympa and email still not up, but is S L O W L Y restoring.  When that is completed, email will be up. IRC still down.

EDIT #4 - 23:13 PST: All websites except WWOMBTube are up, email is up, and Sympa mailing list server is up (though the web interface will be slow until a further install occurs tomorrow or Sunday).  IRC is restored.  Everything else should be working.  If you have problems or issues, let me know.  Thanks!
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Just FYI on upcoming plans.  

We're going to have two more downtimes in the upcoming future.

First, in the next couple of weeks we're going to take the database server down for a full reinstall including dual network cards and migrate from hard drives to SSDs.  This should make all database driven websites much, much faster.

Second, we've just purchased a new webserver!  Over the next few weeks we'll be putting the new webserver up and getting it configured, again with SSDs and lots and lots of extra RAM.  This should help speed things up quite a bit!

Just a few things to look forward to in the next few weeks.
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We've got to install some hardware, so all of Squidge.org is going down around 12Noon Pacific time today for no more than 30 minutes.
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Doing a quick reboot of the main squidge.org server in 5 minutes (14:15 Pacific time).  It'll be down for about 5 minutes, then all services will be back and running again.
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Apparently some automated code that shuts down, then restarts the database broke halfway through.  Thus, Squidge.ORG sites that are database driven (Peja's WWOMB, NCISFiction.com, AirSnark.com, FictionResource.com, The Giant McShep AU List, etc) were down between 3:10am and 5:20am Pacific time today.  

Looks like I got some new script coding to do. ::grin::  Sorry about the unexpected outage, folks!
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All of Squidge.ORG is going down at 10:30pm Pacific for a very brief downtime while we install our new managed UPS system!


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