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Today I learned that in the Warsaw ghetto, during WWII, a group of Jewish doctors conducted an observational study for several months on the effects of starvation and famine on the human body.

They had several separate fields of study, such as the effects on children, the effects on eyesight, metabolism and circulatory dynamics, biochemistry, etc. They smuggled some of the results to a doctor outside the ghetto, and had the rest hidden to be excavated after the war. The results were published, although it seems they were never put to much use, from what I can gather.

Hebrew Wiki has an article on it, but there aren't links to any other languages. Someone in Columbia university [pdf] gave a paper or lecture on the research (in English). There is precious little material otherwise that I could find on either google or, and there is a little more in French. I have never heard of this before that I can recall. I found it accidentally reading on refeeding syndrome, which was apparently first observed clinically in that research; many people died at the end of WWII when liberated from the camps because of lack of knowledge of this syndrome.

They should have taught us that. They should have told us how, even in the worst of conditions, people aren't only brave, they are also smart.

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Sep. 12th, 2017 07:29 pm
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My lack of understanding of modern things such as social media and spinners would have made me feel old, except that I distinctly remember not getting that kind of shit when I was in primary school, either


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