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PLEASE NOTE!  I have been alerted that people who have NCISFiction.com/NCISFiction.net accounts have had their usernames and passwords stolen by hackers!  The hackers were able to gain access to the NCIS database, containing email, usernames, and passwords.  We are working to mitigate the issue, and everyone's password has currently been expired.  If you intend on using NCISFiction.com or NCISFiction.net, you will need to change your password.

Additionally, if you use the same email address and password for other services, you should change your password on those sites as well.
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Woke up to a dead server this morning.  Not sure what's going on; I'm attempting to revive it, but it's taking a while.  It's a good thing we have our replacement server here, though it's not 100% ready to go yet.  Wish me luck!

EDIT #1 - 11:18 PST: We can't get the old server up, and the new server is still missing a couple of pieces of hardware.  I'm moving an interim server into place, but there're a lot of configuration changes that I'm needing to make.  Backups are in place and are being extracted so that we have the absolute latest information loaded. 

EDIT #2 - 14:26 PST: Most websites are back up, with the exception of WWOMBTube and the main index page.  Those will come online soon.  Mail, including Sympa - our mailing list manager - is down, but we're working on restoring that now.  IRC down for the time being.

EDIT #3 - 17:11 PST: Sympa and email still not up, but is S L O W L Y restoring.  When that is completed, email will be up. IRC still down.

EDIT #4 - 23:13 PST: All websites except WWOMBTube are up, email is up, and Sympa mailing list server is up (though the web interface will be slow until a further install occurs tomorrow or Sunday).  IRC is restored.  Everything else should be working.  If you have problems or issues, let me know.  Thanks!
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The United States Congress is having hearings today on the Protect IP act, which will basically mean the end of Squidge.org, LiveJournal.com, Youtube.com, and any other site that hosts "re-imagined" information such as FanFiction, Karaoke Videos, or the like.

If you're in the United States, please head over to AmericanCensorship.org and do your research - and contact your members of Congress!
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The webserver and mailing list server got rebooted this morning after hanging for some unidentifiable reason.  Things are back up and running fine.
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Migration is complete. However:

1) Passwords are not functioning at the moment.

2) Emails are working; your message is getting through and processed and archived. However, it's not being emailed out.

For the time being, please don't use the listserver.

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I need to go rip the firewall out, so we'll be down at 10AM Pacific for about 10 minutes.  All services interrupted. 
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Maintenance on the firewall went over the time I allotted, but I think it's all for the best. I may have come up with the reason for network problems that've been plaguing us - a bad network switch. It's not always bad, just occasionally.  Think I figured it out, though. Wish me luck!

Everything should be up and running without incident.  Please let me know, here, Twitter, or Facebook, if you find issues.


Jan. 29th, 2011 03:52 pm
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For some reason the listserver and the firewall do NOT get along. The listserver has been wonky all week, but it's now up and running. Messages should be queued from the last few days and should be presented and processed by the server. My apologies. I'm evaluating new firewalls now.
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