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I ran one final update today that should have reset the dates stories were created and the dates they were updated, and they should reflect what was found over on the old archive.  So if you're looking for something you know was created in 2009, the original date is back on the story.
Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to become an admin, please let me know.  There's really nothing much to do, but it's better to have more than one admin than not.  You can contact me at walterh@squidge.org or on our Facebook page at facebook.com/Squidge.org or just leave a message on here.
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So in the original import from the old software to the new, there were about 2,000 stories that didn't import properly.  After deleting the orphaned stories, I was able to reimport about 80% of the stories with the correct details.  Now there are only 7 stories without authors, and another ~300 that could not be imported due to errors.

If you find any stories of yours that are missing, and they are not part of the abandoned fic listing, please reupload them.  And again, if you haven't logged in since the cutover, you will need to request a new password. 
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So after the hacking event, I put NCISFiction.com on lockdown, changing everyone's passwords and locking down the site to read-only while I converted to a new, more secure software package.  The work for that is complete, and all access has been restored.

NCISFiction.com (as well as mirrored domains NCISFiction.net and NCISFiction.org) is now up on a software package called eFiction.  I managed to import all users (except spam users), all stories, and all comments.  You can head over to NCISFiction.com and you should see the archive in a slightly different format, but everything should still be available.

An email is going out now to all users saying that you need to change your password.  If you need assistance, don't hesitate to ping me on here, on Facebook.com/Squidge.org or on Twitter @squidgeorg

Thank you!


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