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I've been running Squidge.ORG for free for over 18 years, and have never asked for any money in return.  However, I'm doing this just one time.

NCISFiction.com has been a part of Squidge.ORG for years now.  Recently, the domain name itself expired because the website owner didn't re-register it in time (indeed, they've been very busy).  I tried to buy it, but it went to GoDaddy Auctions instead.  In order to keep it, I had to bid on the auction.  I was the winning bid (though they don't release it to me for another 6 days or so), but it was much higher than I expected.

That was $426 I wasn't expecting to have to shell out, especially before Christmas.

So for the first time ever, I'm asking for donations from all of Squidge.ORG's fen friends.  I'd love to be able to crowd-raise the money for this domain.  Is this even possible?  Do people care about Squidge.ORG enough to help raise this?

If so, then please click on the donation button below.  No, we're not a NonProfit yet, so these aren't tax deductible.  If you can donate, thank you.  If you can't, I still thank you.  And either way, I'd like it if we could signal boost this.

EDIT: This has only been out a couple of hours, and we're already 61% there!  You folks are AMAZING!  

EDIT 2: 30 minutes later, and we're at 81%.  Wow...

EDIT 3: 3 hours 6 minutes after I put up the initial post, and we're at 91%.  Thank you!!!  

EDIT 4:  Everyone - In just a little over 4 hours, you've managed to put us at 94% or $400 raised, just $26 short of the goal.  Thank you so much for doing this!  At this point, if you'd like to contribute a couple of bucks, that's fine - but we're basically at our goal, so I'm not going to ask for any more donations.

Each and every one of you are incredible, and I'm extremely lucky to be in the company of such awesome friends.  Thank  you!
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As an extension of Peja's Wonderful World of MakeBelieve, Squidge.org is happy to announce that we have our own video, podfic (mp3), and picture hosting package!  WWOMBTube, though an extension of Peja's WWOMB, is for all Squidge.org users, not just WWOMB users.  So, if you're a member of The Wonderful World of MakeBelieve or not, come on over to http://www.squidge.org/peja/phpmotion and check out what we got!  Plus, you can create an account and upload your own things to share.  There's even code on each page so you can embed - a la Youtube and the like!

The software package allows us to host the following:
  • Videos
  • PodFic (MP3s)
  • Pictures
  • Blogs

I've got my stuff uploaded.  If you're part of Squidge.org, or just want to take part in a wonderful webhost that isn't about to TOS your stuff (within legal reason, people!), come be a part of The WWOMBTube by clicking on this address: http://www.squidge.org/peja/phpmotion
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 We've got 26 stories up for auction in a ton of fandoms.  Will you consider bidding?  We're raising money for the Help Japan relief.  And all donations are matched, dollar for dollar, up to $250.

Details of every story or piece of artwork is out there on Twitter.  To see them all, go to the auction page for The WWOMB is at: http://www.squidge.org/peja/cgi-bin/auction.php
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 Since I run Squidge.org, I decided to offer up some email and/or webspace on Squidge.org for the auction. Details are over here - clickie linkie.


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